The Lost Girl - A Short Film

To save her baby sister from the dark fantasy world she has created, Chloe must confront the child in herself and learn to grow up.

"The Lost Girl" is a short film produced by Candle & Bell and was completed in spring 2015.

The film was written and directed by Laura Degnan, one of the North East's most exciting directorial talents. The Lost Girl was shot on location in Danby, North Yorkshire over four days.

The film stars newcomer Lucy Connor-Cope in the role of Chloe, a young girl adjusting to the arrival of her new baby sister. The film also starred Bill Fellows (Wolfblood, Broadchurch), Daniel John Williams (Almost Married, Redirected), Eva Quinn , Bastian Flood, and Fran Biggs.


Change is being forced upon 9-year-old Chloe: her parents have a new baby, Sarah, who is getting all of the attention; her mother isn’t well following a difficult labour; and her father is insisting she acts more grown up.

In the woods and abandoned barns around their home, Chloe plays with her old toys. Wearing a purple princess dress that no longer fits her, she can be a child here, drowned out by the noises of the workmen busy updating her house.

Then her parents return from the hospital with a new child in tow and she's forced to act maturely as one gooey-eyed guest after another visits the house for a glimpse of the stupid baby.

As Chloe's resentment for Sarah escalates, strange things start to happen: she imagines she’s done things she hasn’t. Like scribbling red pen on Sarah's expensive, hand-stitched doll.

Then, as Chloe is getting ready for her first day back at school, Sarah goes missing. Chloe remains silent, but continues to stare guiltily towards the woodland surrounding their home. Policemen infect the house and neighbourhood, full of difficult questions, and her parents’ fragile marriage starts to unravel. Chloe’s father, however, suddenly expects less of her. He treats her like a child again.

As Chloe wrestles with her conscience, she sees a girl who looks exactly like her running away with the baby. This is Chloe's dark psyche: her childish jealousy brought to life. She leads Chloe deep into the woods and shows her that she can be the only one again. Realising the extent of her power, Chloe must overcome her jealousy and her fears of growing up in order to save her sister.


Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia

Director: Laura Degnan

Writer: Laura Degnan

DOP: Ross Marshall

Full cast and crew

Chloe Lucy Connor Cope

Annie Eva Quinn

Jonathan Bastion Flood

Jacob Daniel John Williams

DCI Grimm Bill Fellows

Annie's Mother Fran Biggs

Chloe (Body double) Lucy Watson

Baby Sarah Connie Tansley

Baby Sarah Macie Graham

Producer Maria Caruana Galizia

Executive Producer Charles Said Vassallo

Director Laura Degnan

Writer Laura Degnan

Cinematography Ross Marshall

Editor Danielle Palmer

Associate Editor Cat Gregory

Composer Robin Allender

1st Assistant Director Jonny Smith

Assistant Camera Andy Harrison

Assistant Camera Curt Taylor

Assistant Camera David Mordey

Sound Recordist Alex Wardle

Sound Mix Alex Whybrow

Production Assistant Callum Moreman

Production Assistant Gareth Fletcher

Production Designer Mandie Jackson

Art Department John Noble

Art Department Mandy Smith

Hair and Makeup Sherilyn Oliphant

Costume Kim McDermottroe

Costume Assistant Carol Gray

Colourist Stephen Hedley

Extra Tristan Pottas

Extra Sarah Powell

Extra Stuart Powell

Extra Shaun Whitehead

Extra Alison Whitehead

Extra Conrad Bennett

Extra Emma Bennett

Extra Caitleen Bade

Extra Jade Jackson

Extra Emily Harrison

Extra Caitlin Lockhead

Extra Ella Stinton

Extra Mark Lund

Extra Mark Harrison

Chaperone Margret Cope

Chaperone Claire Watson