James Will Howl - A Short Film

Estranged brothers James and Will Howl are back together for their beloved Grandmother's funeral. Loose cannon Will wants to celebrate their dearly departed, but the contrastingly humdrum James is determined to ruin the day by mourning appropriately.

James Will Howl was shot in the summer of 2013 and so far has screened at the No/Gloss Film Festival 2014 and made the official selection of the BAFTA Qualifying, Aestetica Short Film Festival.

Written by Callum Costello and directed by Harry Jenkinson, the film was financed and shot within 6 weeks. Director Harry Jenkinson wrote about his directorial approach and several money-saving techniques employed by the crew, to ensure James Will Howl belies its modest budget of just £1000.

Production took place over the course of three days in a number of locations including Kielder forest, Kielder water, Whitley Bay, Morpeth and Newcastle City Centre. Watch the video below for a glimpse of all the behind the scenes goings on!


Estranged brothers James and Will Howl reconcile for their beloved Grandmother’s funeral. The chalk and cheese siblings couldn’t be more different - James ( Chris Kirtley) , junior auditor at the fourth largest accountancy firm in the North of England, is determined to spend the occasion mourning appropriately. A stark contrast to free spirited brother Will ( Andrew Scholfield) - wanted in Norway - who views the occasion as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with his closest remaining family member.

The two very different blunt instruments manage to further exacerbate things when they turn up late for the cremation service and effectively disgrace themselves and the family name. An effort to drown sorrows and toast the life of their Grandmother turns into a night of drunken debauchery, and the young men's troubles peak when they wake to find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere and in possession of the wrong urn. Short of options and in need of closure, the brothers must unite to say goodbye to their dearly departed.

James Will Howl is a celebration of life, through death. An ode to family in all its complex magnificence and a tribute to the bond of brotherhood - through thick and thin, life and death, sworn, brother, to grim necessity.


Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia

Director: Harry Jenkinson

Writer: Callum Costello

Cinematographer: Curt Taylor

Full cast and crew

James Howl Chris Kirtley

Will Howl Andrew Scholfield

Producer Maria Caruana Galizia

Executive Producer Charles Said Vassallo

Director Harry Jenkinson

Writer Callum Costello

Cinematographer Curt Taylor

1st Assistant Director Kristian Young

Sound Recordist Alex Wardle

Assistant Editor Richard Forster

Colourist Stephen Hedley

Composer Jonny Sabiston