Done right, video has the power to reach out to your audience like no other medium.

That's why we've created a company that takes each project personally, building on years of professional experience in the TV and movie industry to ensure that high end production values are not consigned to the big screen.


Creativity. Ambition. Generosity.

These are not just words or simple beliefs. These are things we practice day in, and day out. They are at the core of everything we do. There is no template for creativity, and each video is an opportunity to achieve something great.

That's why we approach each video production independently from the last. The only constant is our conviction to deliver something original, ambitious, and effective.

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Community \

At Candle & Bell, we are committed to supporting fellow filmmakers and to contributing to the local filmmaking and creative digital communities.

We are passionate about helping the next generation of filmmakers achieve their ambitions and to enriching the lives of young people through film.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman

Background \

We started Candle & Bell so that we could pursue our love of filmmaking. To spend our waking hours doing something that we love, something that makes us come alive.

Candle & Bell now have a handful of short and feature film projects on the go and an array of satisfied clients from international organisations and government departments to local councils and technology startups.


Our Origins.

After attending the New York Film Academy and the SAE Institute , Candle & Bell's founder cut her teeth at Scottish Television , working in the editing room on TV shows such as Taggart. and the SPL Highlights. She then turned her attention to working on feature films and big budget TV dramas.

This afforded her the opportunity to work alongside the likes of academy award winners Alejandro Amenábar and William Hurt and allowed her to be part of huge production sets, such as HBO's epic Game of Thrones.

Its not really about candles, or bells.

Our name is inspired by the work of Andrei Tarkovsky, a filmmaker's filmmaker, whose cinema is characterised by long takes and beautifully composed images. His theory of cinema 'Sculpting in Time' spoke of cinema as a medium that could alter time and our experience of reality. Thus his films often carried themes of self reflection and reoccurring motifs.

Two such recurring motifs were candles and bells. But Tarkovsky wasn't referencing design or costume, rather he saw candles and bells as symbols of film itself - Sight and Sound. Our founder, Maria, named this company Candle & Bell because she wanted its roots firmly planted in the artistry of cinema. Creating beautiful moving images. Sculpting in time.

"I was impressed with how quickly we got what we needed; the film certainly made an impact at the conference. We will be using Candle & Bell again in the future."