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Corporate \ Promotional \ Demonstration

Want to promote your brand, business or product? A video could be indispensable when it comes to marketing and selling your product or service. Host it on your website, screen it at conferences, share it on your social networks. A video has huge potential to reach people and win your business new clients.

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Events \ Case Studies

Document your event beyond a paper trail or written blog. An event video enables you to gather endorsements, gauge and demonstrate the impact your event has had on attendees. A case study video can help your credibility and increase awareness of the service you provide.

Service Explainers \ Animations

Animated explainers have become an increasingly popular and effective way of communicating how a new and often unfamiliar service works. Such videos were first the pervue of technology startups but are now often used by more traditional businesses too. They are an ideal way to introduce yourself to new customers.

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Music Videos

Whatever your budget, we can create a music video that suits your image and style of music. From cinematic, narrative videos to live performance, our music videos are designed to make you stand out. We also offer EPK production services to musicians and bands, artists, and theatre groups.

Working With Us

Find out what it's like to work with the Candle & Bell team in these Behind the Scenes videos.

"We found the whole process was great, the staff at Candle & Bell are knowledgeable and made it easy to get the video we wanted."