The Lumiere Brothers created the motion picture camera but it took storytellers to create Cinema.

Our initial objective is to develop an understanding of the goals and requirements for your video. We then work hard to craft a video that speaks directly to your audience.

What you get when you work with us \

  • A team of video production experts, dedicated to delivering results
  • Flexible payment options
  • A schedule for the production and delivery of your video or animation that suits you
  • Passion and creativity that will deliver a video you'll love

Our Production Process

We Listen & Learn

It's vital when creating your video that we develop an understanding. Not just of the subject matter itself but of the people behind it, their situation, and their goals for the project. Only after we have developed this understanding can we begin to produce an effective video.

We Script & Develop

Next we will work with you to develop a script and design the video that can reach your audience in a way that only a well made video can. This will be a highly collaborative process and may include many revisions in order to get the perfect script for your video.

We Plan & Schedule

This stage of pre-production depends entirely on the needs of your organisation. We understand the constraints and pressures that organisations have to deal with and we pride ourselves on being a flexible partner. Need to arrange staggered payment terms or need priority for an impending deadline? No problem.

We Shoot & Create

Production refers to the stage during which shooting the video takes place. We handle everything from casting actors to organising voice overs. We deal with all the technicalities and keep you up to date as the shoot progresses. We are always available to address any questions or concerns you might have.

We Review & Refine

Once in post-production, just as when designing the video and writing the script, your feedback is a key element. We keep a tight feedback loop when editing, colouring, and sound mixing the video so we can be confident of delivering the kind of video you want.

We Deliver

Once post production is complete we will deliver your finished video in the formats you need. If you need advice regarding how your video should be delivered or how best to broadcast your new video, we will provide all the help you need.

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