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Interview with Transmit Startups.

We've been on somewhat of a mission lately, Interviewing some of our favourite filmmakers, entrepreneurs and business mentors. Over the next few months we'll be posting and sharing these videos with the world, hoping that filmmakers and entrepreneurs like us will find them beneficial.

In this blog we speak to Richard Myers and Iain Straker from Transmit Startups. Transmit Startups are based in Gateshead but offer startup loans and mentoring to creative businesses across the UK. In this interview we ask them about the challenges of running a creative startup and finding a balance between doing what you love and everyday tasks of running a business. We also asked them about business planning and how to deal with the ups and downs of running a creative business.

look to go and work with other experts so you can focus on your skill and creativity, and not get slide tracked or derailed or put off by any of the business things that can scare people some times.

Iain Straker - on running a creative business

I think true entrepreneurs have that strength deep down and I don't know anyone in business who hasn't suffered. It's being mentally strong, it's being not overwhelmed by problems that come along, it's being able to sit down and think through things. Realise that it's not the end of the world. Have a good team of people around you as well. If you're a sole trader, working in your bedroom at home, it is really tough, you feel very isolated and you don't have people to bounce ideas off. So use your business network and most people are happy to give you a bit of time.

Richard Myers - on dealing with hardships in business
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