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The Art of Typography

Typography is one of the most under appreciated forms of art around. Most people think it's simply a matter of selecting a pretty font and aligning the text. That's like saying architecture is about selecting bricks and piling them on on top of each other.

With the advent of digital publishing, web design and now kinetic typography animations, brands, businesses and marketing firms are sitting up and paying attention to the power of typography. Even back in the day, typography was more than simply putting text on paper. From the illuminated manuscripts to the modern glossy magazines, the rules remain the same because really, typography, is based on the science of reading. To understand typography is to understand how a person's mind and eye process information. Designing text in such a fashion that it is readable and comprehensible as well as enjoyable for the viewer.

The principles of typography lie in the font. the kerning, spacing, margins, leading, and the balance between text and images. Now with the use of typography in animated info graphics and animations, we must add timing and motion to that equation. Turing text into an interesting and emotive video takes study and practice. In the end it comes down to the little details, the edits, transitions and creating movement in a static canvas.

While it won't suit everyone's message, kinetic animation can give a new feeling to a product or company that needs a different approach and an injection of vibrancy and originality. So if you're thinking about text and inforgraphic animations, get in touch to find out what we can do for you!

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