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Interview with Success Coach, Julie Johnson.

Our latest video blog features an interview with Success Coach Julie Johnson. Throughout her 20 year career, Julie has helped women entrepreneurs realise their potential and become successes in the business world. We thought we'd ask her to answer a few questions about what it means to be successful and if she had any tips for people pursuing their dream of starting and running a business.

I think success means different things to different people. What I suggest people do is get very clear about what success means to them. For me it is very much a lifestyle choice in terms of my business, so I work a certain number of days in my business, I have a certain number of holidays, I have very clear boundaries between work life and family life and that has been a very definite decision. That is what I see a lot of people not doing, is making a clear decision on what success means to them. So my advice for people who want a successful working life would be to get really clear about what success means to you in your life generally and then in your work.

Julie Johnson - on what success means

What you focus on will depend on what area is important to you at the time. If you get a lot of interest in your work but not converting that to clients, then the focus should be on sales. If you're not getting a lot of interest in your work, then you need to take a step further back and focus on market research, marketing, your business message.

Julie Johnson - on business focus
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