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Short Film Night IV - Tyneside Cinema.

Candle & Bell are returning to the Tyneside Cinema on Monday the 30th of June for yet another short film night. Set up to bring short filmmaking to the public, each event has been a sell out success. June's edition features the following films:

Mad About the Boy - by Andy Mark Simpson.

A young girl caves into peer pressure in this gritty and heart-breaking coming-of-age story set in Northumberland.

Amar (all great achievements require time) - by Andrew Hinton

A documentary focusing on a single day in Amar’s life, a 14 year-old Indian boy at the top of his class who would someday like to be a professional cricketer. He also happens to be his family’s main breadwinner, working two jobs six and half days a week.

In the end, the film is not attempting to make some grand, profound statement. It’s not requesting that we view Amar as some sort of hero or metaphorical beacon of light. It just asks that we pay attention—give up nine minutes of our lives to halt our lamentations of the world and remember, if just for a moment, that there truly is beauty left.

Ivan Kander
Walls - by Alex Lambert and James Baxter

Based on the ideas behind social segregation and the subjectivity of morals, Walls spans a period in the life of Joshua, a young man growing up in a deprived inner-city area. It seeks to express how actions some perceive as negative are justified to those who undertake them.

Blind Eye - by Laura Degnan

Starring Liz White (Life on Mars, Woman in Black), a mother torn between being a good citizen and protecting her child discovers that both intervening and turning a blind eye can have negative consequences.

Come and join us this monday

Short film nights are open to everyone - filmmaker and non-filmmakers alike, so if you'd like to come and enjoy some great sort films, you can book tickets (Just £3) at the Tyneside Cinema box office or on their website.

If you've made a short film and would like to submit it for consideration, then please send a like along with all your details to

See you there!

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