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Short Film Night iShorts Special.

Candle & Bell are excited to announce that this month we will have a very special edition of our Short Film Night at the Tyneside Cinema. We will be screening 4 films from Creative England's iShorts 2014 programme. The iShorts initiative is designed to help to help with funding and mentoring entry level filmmakers, from the English regions.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be screening 4 of the films produced last year. Following the films there will be an opportunity to ask the filmmakers questions about their films as well as their experience of taking part in the iShorts initiative.

The Short Film Night will take place on the 27th April at the Tyneside Cinema Digital Lounge at 7pm. Tickets are £3.

A Complicated way to live - directed by Ged Hunter, produced by Dave Hart

A man struggles with a system that pushes him towards the only option he thinks he has.

In Waiting - directed by Cecilia Stenbom, produced by Gerry Maguire

John is anxiously expecting medical results, he encounters Steve and Fay at a hospital waiting room, when waiting gets unbearable their individual coping mechanisms collide.

Crisps - directed and produced by Joseph and James Dethick

In an uncannily nostalgic world, Al Crisps finds his life turned upside down when his usual routine is broken.

How to Disappear Completely - directed by Tim Woodall and Phil Drinkwater, produced by Jason Wingard

A 13-year-old misfit magician tries desperately to escape a cruel adolescence by perfecting the ultimate disappearing trick.

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