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Short Film Night gears up for Halloween.

It's October and that can only mean one thing - Halloween! In honour of all things spooky we've decided to put together a program that celebrates the darker side of life.

Lovely Monster - by Francesco Calabrese

The true story of Sophia, a young woman dealing with a rare and dangerous condition.

In this gritty realism lies the film’s social significance. It pokes at the issue of who or what we call a monster... Horror and mockumentary often sit well together, and this short is no exception.

David Masters
Arrangement of Thorns - by Lee Fox Williams

When strange things start to occur on the arrival of three new students, Sam takes it upon himself to discover the truth...

Dystopia - by Dave Cave

Lost in a nightmare world a man must unravel the mystery of his plight in order to find the key to his escape.

Play Time - by Ryan Thompson

Sarah investigates the strange noises keeping her awake at night.

The short film night takes place at 7pm on the 27th October at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. Tickets cost £3. People are encouraged to buy tickets in advance as the short film night is proving to be very popular!

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