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Interview with La Petite Crêperie.

Have you ever wanted to start up your own food business or restaurant? Not sure if the public are ready for your new and exotic cuisine? Meet Fred and Julien, owners of La Petite Crêperie. Originally from France, the two have made Newcastle their home and are on a mission to make everyone fall in love with their Crepe recipes. In this interview the pair talk about the innovative approach they took to starting up their own business, proving you don't need to take on huge debt to start up on your own, and that its always worth testing the waters before you commit.

"It was quite a long process. We starting going to events, trading across the North East, in order to test our recipes, test our products, get feedback and see the reaction of people. It wasn't the plan at first, the plan was to open a restaurant straight away, but then we thought it was too much of a risk. We had lovely feedback. People were always asking 'do you have a premises?' so we thought lets just go for it and we opened up here.

Julien Poulalion - on how La Petite Crêperie started out

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