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Competition Time - Our Favourite Web Videos

Here at Candle & Bell we keep harping on about how much we love making web videos and animated explainer videos and just how great they can be for start-ups and established businesses. But it isn't enough for us to know what we think makes a great video. We want to hear your thoughts as well! So we thought we would write a blog sharing our favourite videos and you could let us know what you think and post some of your favourites too.

Everyone who suggests a favourite video in the comments below and shares this post will be entered into our competition to win a £25 Amazon voucher (don't forget to like us on facebook and/or follow us on twitter to keep up with this and future competitions). This competition expires on August 14th 2013, there can only be one winner but we value all your ideas, so post as many suggestions as you want!

Just a quick note: We're limiting our list to branded video content and would appreciate it if you could too. The competition will run until the 14th of August after which we'll pick our favourite suggestion and announce the winner.

Our Favourites

Without further ado, here are some of our favourites:

This video went viral and has over 10 million views on youtube. I like it because it made me laugh out loud, it has great production value and will make you want to buy hundreds of razor blades - even if you're a woman! What do you think?


Who doesn't love cats? They are amazing and they help sell anything.

Be more dog

On the other hand, some people are more about dogs.

A Therapy

When you can afford to be as flamboyant and humorous as you want. Starring a cross-dressing Ben Kingsley.

The Motherhood

Over 4 Million views on youtube and a social media campaign that has earned Fiat 500L over 700K followers on Facebook... not bad going from The Motherhood.

Remember, post your suggestions in the comments below before the 14th of August and get sharing this post. Finally, don't forget to like and follow us for updates and future competitions.

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