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Last Friday, The Newcastle Business Village (the home of Candle & Bell in Newcastle Upon Tyne) held a Fast Forward event run by Colleagues on Tap. It was a different take on the usual networking or business seminars and all for the better. The event was run by Jayne Graham, the founder of Colleagues on Tap, who gave an insightful and honest account of her success in business and her mission to help other start ups through Colleagues on Tap. Starting up your own business can be a bit lonely to say the least. Granted, Candle & Bell isn't me alone in a room however sometimes you do feel like you're developing tunnel vision and not getting out and meeting other entrepreneurs and businesses. Colleagues on Tap hold coworking days and Coffee Chats and I think I am going to be a regular in the months and years to come.

The Fast Forward event at the Newcastle Business Village wasn't a run of the mill business advice seminar. Martin Underhill, who runs TemperTemper, talked about managing a paperless office using Evernote. Mandy Charlton spoke wonderfully about how she made the most of advertising on Facebook and how she increased the clientele for her photography business (and had plenty of cat pictures). Both the talks were really useful and I found myself furiously typing down notes after the session was over so as not to forget all the handy tips they'd just mentioned! I'd been working on a video production and preparing for an animation this last week so it was great to get out of the office! Most of all I found it hugely beneficial to have the opportunity to listen and learn from other people and I would recommend the events to anyone who runs their own SME in the North East.

You can find out more about Colleagues on Tap on their website or find them on twitter @colleaguesontap

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