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A Brand New Website

With a re-vamped website I thought this would be a great time to start up a production blog so that followers, clients (existing and future) and my mother, can keep track of what we're up to at Candle & Bell. Well, for my first post I thought I'd seize the opportunity to wax lyrical about the industry I work in. You see, I've only ever worked in the audio visual industry. Films, TV shows, commercials, I've done them all, and even though I'd be lying if I said each one was a dream to work on. I can confidently say that I enjoyed the time and effort I put in and the friends I found along the way.

The most common question I am asked by new entrants and filmmakers is 'how do I break into the industry?' There is no right way there is no wrong way. You just have to make things happen. You have to enjoy it and you have to work long hours. I didn't have any contacts in the film industry when I first started out. I didn't have friends or relatives that worked in film or television. But I shot showreels and sent out letters and eventually got a call from Scottish Television and that was where I started. I knew I had a lot to learn but I was determined to learn it from the very best so a national broadcaster wasn't the worst place to start.

I hope that when you hire Candle & Bell to create your video, film, or animation you find that dogged-eared determination to be the best hasn't gone away. I hope you come to love the creative process as much as we do. The evolution of ideas, the brain storming, the starting from scratch, and the hard work. I hope you will feel that same joy we do when we finish a film and want to watch it over and over because it's just so GOOD.

So, welcome to the new website, we designed it and built it ourselves so we hope you like it!

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